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What requirements do I need to be a driver?

When registering you will have to have with you and share the following documents:

  • Your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Vehicle registration voucher
  • Your current driver's license in the US
  • Proof of insurance

Where can I register as a driver?

You can register through our iOS app (available on iTunes); through our Android app (available on Google Play); or through our website.

How often does Carol Drives pay their drivers?

Carol Drives will make a deposit to the bank account provided every two weeks, which will be for the hours worked within that period. An advanced deposit may be requested and processed by paying a fee.

What Benefits do I have as Driver for Carol Drives?

The benefits of being a driver of Carol Drives are numerous: being able to drive full or part-time allows you to manage family and work life easily; having an additional source of income; working in a safe, safety of having other women as passengers will give you more confidence and security.

Can I pick up men or male/female couples?

No. Carol Drives is a service provided by women for women. We have a security system that prevents men from registering. In the event that a woman wants to board the vehicle with a man, or a man uses a woman's account to request a ride, you must cancel the trip and advise us so that we may take action against that user.

What rating should I keep in order to remain the driver of Carol Drives?

Passengers can rate you from 0 to 5 stars at the end of a service. The minimum score you should keep is 4.5. In the event that you do not meet the minimum rating, we will notify you so that you can strive to improve your rating within a period of 30 days. If your rating does not improve, your account will be permanently suspended.

In which cities is the service available?

At the moment we are only available in South Florida, but we plan on expanding to other cities in the U.S.

What happens if I have a bad experience with a passenger?

Notify us immediately of any incident by sending an email to , so that we can assess the situation and take action. If the incident is of a serious nature, the accused user's account would be annulled and we would contact the appropriate authorities.

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